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Now you can browse the newest and titles before they are released. Pre-orders can be picked up at the store or shipped right to your home! Just email us with your list. Click the magazine images to browse.

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Many towns don't have a bookstore. 

With our online bookshop, you can browse millions of titles to be shipped right to your home!

Competitive pricing, and best of all - you are supporting a small business!

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What are your hours?

We are open 11am-7pm Monday - Saturday.

Do you do special orders?

Yes, if we do not have a book you want, contact us or email us for a free quote. We can send you a secure invoice and place the order when the invoice is paid.

How do you price your books?

Our books are priced through a combination of how much it cost us to purchase, and the current Amazon price. This reflects why prices may change slightly from time to time. We always attempt to get the lowest price for a book AND compete with Amazon, though this may not always be possible.

Do you buy used books?

No. We are unable to buy used books due to high demand. 

This policy is to keep our shelves current with the most popular books.

I have a lot of old books, do you accept donations?

We will accept used book donations and do our best to find them a home.

Wait, so you only carry popular books?

No. We contract with many self-published authors so we can carry new books, new authors, and hidden gems. Browsing through our store is very important as you will find new and exciting books and authors.


Check out our bargain book section for great deals!

About Us

Why should I subscribe?

Subscriptions means you get emails when we have new events, you also get notified of free book opportunities - some of our independent authors will provide us with a free book in hopes that customers will leave a review on Amazon when finished reading it. Subscribing to our email list means you will be notified of these opportunities.

Do you host clubs?

Yes. Book clubs or other similar events may schedule to use our conference room - this includes access to refreshments. So long as the club purchases their books through our store the use will be free. If the meeting does not utilize books, a room fee will be charged in the amount of $10.

Can I return my book if I didn't like it?

Unfortunately, no. Once a book leaves the store it is not able to be returned or exchanged except through the trade-in program.

How do you support non-profits?

All of our events support a local non-profit. We choose one based on the book or event we are featuring, otherwise one will simply be selected by staff. A portion of all proceeds from all of our events will be donated to the listed non-profit.

Can you support my non-profit?

Yes. Contact us or email us and we will find an event with which to receive donations.

The Lost Chapter, LLC provides new and used books at bargain prices. We strive to compete with online retailers to provide reading and learning opportunities to the community.

We offer books from traditional and independent authors, as well as classes and activities for the community.

Does your school, classroom, or business need books? Order through us, visit the Contact page.

Interested in teaching a class or hosting an activity? 

Does your book club or group need a place to meet?

Contact us

How We Help You Save

Most books are already discounted when we put them on our shelf! Even brand new titles.

Schools get 10% off of their order total!

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