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How We Can Help You Publish

We will help get your manuscript into the hands of publishers.
Unlike traditional literary agents, we do not keep a percentage of royalties.


Literary Assistance Package


If we accept your manuscript, we provide the following services for no additional charge:

- Beta Reading Service

- Basic Editing Service

- Synopsis Assistance

- Query Letter Assistance

- Submission of your Query Letter and/or Manuscript to Publishers in your Genre

- One-Time Fee Only, No Contracts - We Keep No Royalties


It is our company's vision to provide opportunities to all. We will not refuse service based on a customer's inability to pay - please contact us for information regarding custom pricing for your specific needs.

Query Form

Due to a high volume of inquiries, please allow up to 1 week for a response.

If you have questions, please visit the Contact US page or email us at

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