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 "How to Crush your Next Interview" by D.M. Lyon provides a much-needed service. After a humble introduction, in which Lyon briefly explains his work experience and skills with guiding family through the job interview journey, he dives into the system that has served him well in the application and interview process. From how to write an effective resume, to doing research, how to dress, common interview questions and more -this but succinctly provides you with a training that is lacking for most people. It makes the perfect gift for your student, graduate, or anyone else who is looking to find employment or further their career.Lyon writes with the expertise of a business professor, but in an understandable, layman context that I can only describe as fatherly advice. Our company has worked with professionals to teach classes on the same material that Lyon has expertly provided. To put it plainly, if you want the job, you need to read Lyon's book! "How to Crush your Next Interview" will deliver what it promises; you will be better equipped, and more confident to get the position you are passionate about. - The Lost Chapter Book Review

Together We Go Places is simply beautiful; a story of a happy family and the places they go

together. Sometimes families get to go to exciting places, such as a restaurant or vacation,

while other times it’s to the store or doctor’s office. Together We Go Places is the perfect

book to show the fun and beauty that is found even in the small things that families do

together. Truthfully, I adored this book!

Author Jennifer Schroer has clearly poured her own love and passion for her children into

her writing. A simple, yet beautiful book, Together We Go Places is a must-read for young

children! There is added value in fostering discussion on the routines and errands your own

family has after reading this book. Children and adults will love this book together!

The illustrations, done by Tosin Akinwande, are vibrant and appealing to children but do not

detract from the text.

Overall, Together We Go Places belongs on your child’s shelf, in your classroom, or

anywhere else that small children are found!

- The Lost Chapter Book Review

Despite the Devil by Shawna James is a thought-provoking and emotional story. Stephanie and Andrew seem like a perfect, fairytale couple, but Andrew comes with some history that Stephanie will have to deal with. Will they be able to overcome everything and take a step toward the life they want together, despite Andrew’s past, despite the difficulties that Stephanie must face to maintain a relation, despite the drama, despite the frustration and pain... despite the devil?


Despite the Devil by Shawna James is the best romance story of the year! Despite the Devil is truly a one-of-a-kind story. Author Shawna James has a grasp on reality and puts her words into an artfully-crafted tale that will leave a lasting impression. Love is not always the cliche fairytale it’s made out to be, and Stephanie finds this out the hard way. I appreciate authors, like Shawna James, who create a realistic and emotional tale that does not fall into the redundant pit of similar stories. If you want a realistic, emotional, and intriguing novel; read Despite the Devil by Shawna James. A truly hidden gem that you won’t regret buying!

“If you are reading this, it means I am dead, and it is your turn to carry on my mission. I’m sure it will take you days to go through everything, but in brief, here is what you need to know. First, the legend of the storm relics is true.”


At age 15, Arianna’s world is turned upside down by the death of her father. She is left to carry on his mission, solving who is behind the strange drought that started the day she was born. Arianna is a fierce protagonist, who is dedicated to seeing this mission through to the end. Her adventure takes her to many wondrous places and colorful characters that create an exciting, and magical fantasy tale.


Authors, Robbie Ballew, and Stephen Landry have created an in-depth magical world that envelopes the reader in its borders. The characters are exceptionally built, Ballew and Landry have written the characters to life in Arianna and the Spirit of the Storm. Highly recommended for teen readers, Arianna and the Spirit of the Storm is a story that will stick with you long after the final page.

  • The Lost Chapter Book Review

“This was not at all how I had imagined my wedding day would be.”


Book 2 in the Temple of the Storm series, Chrysalis and the Fire of the Forge is a deeply written teen fantasy novel by authors Robbie Ballew and Stephen Landry. After the events of the previous book, Chrysalis and Chass are ready for the wedding of the ages. Never before have a faun and elf married, but the uniqueness of the ceremony only sets precedent for the rest of their lives. Instead of enjoying a peaceful honeymoon, Chrysalis is forced to embark on a perilous journey to find the brutes that have kidnapped her beloved Chass. Her journey is one of discovery, bravery, and wonder as the perils of the situation become more clear.


Ballew and Landry expertly craft a tale of magic and discovery that will keep you turning pages until the end. The characters are real and authentic, it is easy to become emotionally invested in the story. Chrysalis and the Fire of the Forge is an exhilarating tale that is filled with action and adventure, magic, excitement, and a bit of emotion--the perfect tale for youthful readers looking to escape to a magical land and get lost in its many wonders. A truly great story.

  • The Lost Chapter Book Review

"Never Going Home" is the story of Din Swift, a relatively average man with an average life.Average, however, is not all it's cracked up to be, so Din begins to take steps to create achange in his life. Perhaps a bit prematurely, Din quits his job and begins to search forhappiness. Job interviews and dating are both challenging and frustrating for Din, whichmakes him take a look at himself, and society as a whole. Where does he begin in the questfor change? 


I have not read a book quite so real as "Never Going Home" in a very long time. I alwaysenjoy a book that the author is clearly passionate about or invested in, which is clearly thecase here. Author Jeff Marlowe has delivered a relatable work of fiction that simultaneouslycalls attention to flaws in the way our beloved society operates, particularly in regard toemployment and the "American Dream" we are expected to chase after. I must say I wasimpressed with this book; if you want to read and be entertained while fostering deeperthought, then Marlowe's book is for you! I recommend everyone give this book a read atsome point, a real modern-day classic!


- The Lost Chapter Book Review