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In a world that embraces science, Frail Earth questions everything.


Yuval Kanev’s Frail Earth calls into question many aspects of science that most people live blissfully unaware of.


From pollution to drugs, and human health to weapons, Frail Earth questions if the scientific industry that we have grown to adore and respect has been doing far more damage than we care to admit. 


“Frankly, the coronavirus is just an appetizer,” Kanev explains, and when you can put your political biases and preconceived notions aside, your eyes will open to the truth inside Frail Earth: Threatened by Scientists. Kanev calls out scientific knowledge as a key weapon in manipulating human minds and perceptions, and uses several illustrations, posts, and references to validate his ideology.


Frail Earth will broaden your way of thinking, challenge what you have accepted as truth, and shine a light on what has been kept in darkness.


Kanev skillfully presents information that is broken down into bite-sized chunks.


A Frail Earth that is being threatened by science deserves your attention. ​

“Twins across many galaxies have a bond that is quite unique…”


The Queen of Brennen has given birth to a twin boy and girl. What would normally be a joyous occasion is turned into terror when the notorious murderer, Rancor, escapes from prison with the promise to kill the twins and end the royal family’s line forever. To protect her children, the queen forms a special group charged with protecting the royal family at any cost, a group known as The Elite. 


This remarkable and intense sci-fi thriller written by Andrea Barringer brings several fascinating and lovable characters together as they fight to protect those they love. A skilled trauma nurse, Rayah, must confront past pains, struggles, and even old love in order to protect her people. She soon finds that she can’t trust everyone, perhaps even her own queen.


Action, suspense, and a touch of romance blend perfectly together to create a world of fascination and excitement in Dawn of the Elite. 


Author Andrea Barringer skillfully creates a world that is filled with a rich culture and vivid characters. 


Once you open to page one of Dawn of the Elite, you will be a part of its world forever.


“While I was in Rhode Park, I found out some things. Things you wouldn't believe.”

Five Stars!

The Visiting Hour is a gripping, heart-pounding story that will chill you to the bone! 


The abandoned prison of Rhode Park holds more than just memories for Jim Ridge, a priest and former inmate of the facility that is soon to be demolished. Inside the prison walls, Jim fights to save the souls of his old companions while attempting to stop the vile and notorious Francis McCready from escaping and unleashing unspeakable horror on the world.


Author George A. Thorn delicately creates a world through use of clever detail, intricate dialogue, and real characters. Before you know it, you feel as if you are inside the walls of Rhode Park!

The Visiting Hour is the spectacular tale of a man who has turned his life around, but must return to confront his past and face his demons - literally and figuratively.

The Visiting Hour is a haunting tale that will have you on the edge of your seat and sleeping with the light on. Once you start reading, you won’t be able to put it down.


George A. Thorn makes a spectacular splash in the world of horror with this incredible and suspenseful work filled with the haunting monsters that dwell behind prison walls, living and dead.

The world of Fae is real. It’s just beyond our sight, but it is there.


Cara and her sister Bri are having a difficult time since their father disappeared on a hiking trip. When their mother has complications while giving birth to their new baby brother, Cara and Bri are sent to stay with their grandmother for a while.


But on the way there, Cara remembers some of the stories her father used to tell her; stories of the fairies of the Fae and the Formors of the darkness. The more that Cara remembers, the more she begins to feel that her family may be hiding a dark secret. She begins to suspect that the creatures her father told her about may have had something to do with his vanishing, but is she willing to face the darkness to try and get him back?


A wonderful story filled with an element of Irish folklore, Wish is a refreshing fantasy read!


Author Victoria Harris has done an excellent job of creating interesting and likable characters that you will fall in love with; her vivid descriptions of the Irish countryside will pull into the pages to experience the world of Wish, the first book of The Otherworld series. 


Wish is an incredible story! A world of fantasy and imagination awaits anyone who opens its cover.


Harris has skillfully crafted a world of adventure that will make your child fall in love with reading all over again. 

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