Non-Profit Services

Author Services

BETA Reading: We will have your unpublished book read by everyday readers and share their opinions with you.

Editorial Review: We will provide your book with a professional review.

Customer Review: We sill share your book to our customer email list and request reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, or other locations. Contact us for specifics.

Self-Publishing Support: We can guide your book through the various stages of self-publishing, provide options and quotes, and act as an "agent" through this challenging process.

Book Carry: If you donate a copy of your book, we will carry it on our shelves - This service is done at no charge. If the book is of interest to customers, we will order additional copies in.

Visit the CONTACT US section to inquire about pricing and if our services are right for you.

All of our events support a local charity, non-profit, or other organization. 

This is done at no cost or commitment.

To request this for your organization, please visit the CONTACT US page.

Special Orders


Enrichment classes and events are designed to share knowledge and experience with each other.

If you have a class you would like to teach, or for suggestions, please visit the CONTACT US section.

Special orders for businesses, schools, classrooms, or individuals are available upon request.

This comes at a steep discount of up to 50%. Orders can be picked up or delivered to your home or office.

Please visit the CONTACT US section, or email us at with your book list for a free quote. 

Other Services

Customer service is very important to us. For any questions, comments, or suggestions, please visit the CONTACT US section of this page.

We are always looking to grow and improve.

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Monthly membership is available at $10 per month. This provides the following benefits: an additional 10% off of all book purchases, 50% off of eligible classes or events, and 1 free book per month regardless of price or condition.

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